Lindsey Moreno
Lindsay Teague Moreno

Lindsay Teague Moreno is a HUGE inspiration to me.  In April of 2013, Lindsay, along with Monique McLean, Kelli Wright, and Crystal Burchfield, formed the Lemon Droppers.

The Lemon Droppers are the fastest growing team in Young Living. Right now, we make up about 1/5 of Young Living’s total Distributorship.

I joined the Lemon Droppers in September 2013, and it is super exciting to be a part of this revolution! We work together across team lines, supporting and lifting each other up, unlike any other MLM company I’ve experienced.  Lindsay and her brilliant marketing and branding has made the world of Young Living Essential Oils accessible to a new market.






Koleen OConner
Koleen OConnor

Koleen is my best friend.  This gal and I have been friends since 3rd grade! We’ve shared ups and downs, and our friendship has remained steadfast as I moved multiple times throughout the country.  Though we live thousands of miles and 4 time zones apart, we still get to work together in our Young Living business.  Thank goodness for phones and internet!

She is rocking the farming business in Michigan.  Recently, she provided her community with an organic vegetable CSA (community supported agriculture), and now she’s rocking the pasture raised, non-GMO meat world. She’s living the farm life and helping other folks feed their families the good stuff!  Koleen is a Caring, Witty, Hardworking, Green Thumbed, Genuine, Foodie, Healthy, Passionate, Grateful, Locavore; and I’m proud to call her my friend!







Kenneth Sprague
Kenneth Sprague

Ken, my husband and my rock.  This guy is awesome, & he’s pretty cute too! He amazes me with his determination and forward thinking.  There’s nothing he cannot do! We were married on 8-8-15, and I’m looking forward to all of our adventures to come!

We can both easily become workaholics, which is dangerous when you work together!  Our recent move to Sitka has prompted us to promise ourselves MUCH more time outside.  We have so much fun on adventures; hiking, biking, fishing, boating, camping, and anything else we can do to get a little dirty!  Watch out Sitka, this summer is going to ROCK with Ken and Nickie here!







Aleesha Franklin
Aleesha Franklin

Aleesha is a gifted healer. Her first priority in life has always been as a mother, but having her three beautiful children has made her realize that her other mission in life is to be a healer.

I had the pleasure of meeting, and working with Aleesha while living in Homer. She helped me through FootZonology and emotional healing sessions open my heart in ways I didn’t know were possible.

Aleesha is a Board Certified FootZonologist as well as a FootZonology Instructor. Aleesha has also taken CE courses through the National Certified Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork learning specifically how to help heal deep emotional scars and mental/emotional trauma. She is also currently going through The Trinity School of Natural Health to complete her schooling as a Naturopath. Aleesha has significant experience working with allergies and young children. Her area of expertise is with controlling health challenges (small and great) through proper diet and elimination of toxins, stress, and emotional/mental blockages and triggers.

Nickie Jo Knight

The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential… these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence.

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